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Don't Say Goodbye :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 36 Human Flying Mint Bunny :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 2 0 Samara Morgan :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 0 0 Kalos Kiss :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 0 My Nightmare VENT :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 0 0 Ninetales :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 2 Chibi Vulpix :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 0 If You Kill Me I'll Still Love You :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 0 4 Litwick :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 4 0 Hoopa :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 0 Mimikyu X Warlord Thunder the Pikachu :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 2 0 Copy That Copycat :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 3 0 Mimikyu :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 2 0 Snivy :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 3 10 Ichigo And Nepeta :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 2 0 It's Ok To Be Gay :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 0


France X Reader: For Your Entertainment
Warning: There is sexual content ahead.
Francis Bonnefoy was a man who devoutly believed in the power of true love. As the personification of France, how could he not? He believed in freedom, beauty, truth, and love, especially love. In his many centuries on this earth, he had fallen in love three times, despite the heartache he knew was sure to follow.
The first to enter his life had been Jeanne. Jeanne had been an angel, and had stolen is heart before he had even grasped what was happening. She loved her country, but her true love was the Lord. It pained him, being so close to her, and yet so far from her. When England lit her aflame, he felt as if his very soul were being ripped to pieces. There was no way to describe his agony, the level of his pain, and the hatred he felt for the Englishman.
It was the one of the only times in his life that he had openly wept and meant each tear.
The next to claim his heart had been from Austria, one of the ladies-in-waiting for the intrigu
:icon12bfeygirl42:12bfeygirl42 358 85
BTLG - That's My Italian Flirt - Seborga x Reader
You woke up with the sensation of falling.
The weirdest thing was that there actually was a high pitched gale force wind blowing against your face.
Very confused and a bit scared you struggled to open your eyes but the wind kept it shut. Finally managing to open them, you found out that you were not only falling but falling into a black ocean much like the pit when you fell into the mirror.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” you screamed as you hit the water HARD!!
The wind was knocked right out of you even though you landed on your feet.
You didn’t know which way was up or down just the chilling blackness that blanketed you. The darkness in a way was devouring you… your memories. The memories seemed to be leaking out from your brain into the water. They looked like shiny bubbles that reflected your previous memories of your life past. You struggled to catch these bubbles but they all seemed to be just out of your reach. You became frustrated and
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 216 55
Mature content
Poland X Reader Love Again - Lemon :iconlost-angel-of-poland:Lost-Angel-Of-Poland 176 615
Nordics x Reader - Fun in the Snow

Pulling on my coat, I step out my house, locking it up. Turning my face to the sky, I close my eyes and sigh in happiness. I just love winter,the snow, the breaks and snowdays, all the seasonal foods that only come out durning this time, and more importantly, the activities you could play in the snow.
Snowball fights, snow angels, snow forts, building a snowman, sledding and snowboarding, you name it. 
Last night the country of Norway (A/N: Yes you live in Norway now muhaha XD ) got a huge blizzard, and I mean huge. The little town I'm living in got 24 inches of great packing snow. Not that fluff that falls between your fingers when you grasp it. So, that is why I'm heading down to my fellow friends the Nordics, I have challenged them to a snowball fight.
:iconkittyphantomhive14:KittyPhantomhive14 181 65
Fatigued (Nordics x Reader)
‘Crap! I’m late!’ You said as you quickly gathered your things in your bag and grabbed your laptop. You frantically grabbed whatever you thought you needed as you threw your other unnecessary things around, causing quite a lot of noise. You flinched as the headache you were currently experiencing began to throb painfully, but carried on with packing your things. Just a bit more and I’m free… I can sleep properly later. When you were done, you heard someone knocking on your door, and you opened it to find Lukas quite surprised.
Your hair was a bit dishevelled, one of the two straps of your canvas bag slipping off your shoulder, and your laptop almost falling out of your already occupied arms. Still, you flashed a grin at him. ‘Mornin’ Lukas!’ You chirped as he sighed.
‘You’re late?’ He asked nonchalantly as you awkwardly laughed.
‘Haha… yeah, I sort of woke up past the alarm…’
:iconayutach:ayutach 242 24
Mature content
*Latvia X Reader* I Promise (LEMON) :iconlittlecuteinsaneboy:LittleCuteInsaneBoy 274 175
N.Italy x 2p N.Italy and S.Italy x 2p S.Italy

 "ITALIA!!!" Ludwig yelled at Feliciano who jumped up in surprise while he was cooking pasta in Ludwig's house. Italy yelped from being scared and then burnt his hand against the metal pot on the stove. He sulked down to sit on the ground holding onto his hand tightly crying from the burning feeling in his hand. Ludwig not a second after that walked in with an annoyed face yelling "You skipped practice again?! How are you go-" he said before he saw Feliciano looking up at him cry and holding his burnt hand. "W-what happened, Italy?" Feliciano looked away back at his hand "Y-you scared me and I burnt my hand against the pot..." Ludwig sighed and then turned off the stove and went to go get a wet, cold wash cloth to set on Feliciano's burnt hand. Feliciano blinked and then he stood "I-I'm going home..." Ludwig didn't even bother to stop him "Okay. If you want to, but next time, try not to skip on practice." Feliciano nodded a
:iconamericaseren99:AmericasEren99 84 23
Well Endowed {A Wy X Reader}
A/N: Apologies to those who wish that it is, but this is not a yuri. This is about a bunch of girls having fun at a sleepover! Please enjoy!
The young principality of Wy sat on the couch, twirling her paintbrush around in her fingers, as she watched you chatting away with the other female nations that surrounded her.
Were they doing this to mock her? Just for fun? She could see the young country of Lichtenstein looking in the direction of the female gathering, also.
Wy was soon snapped out of her envy-trance, with a surprised jolt, as the older girl-nations got up and began chasing each other around the house, like girls at a sleepover.
Which they were.
As you and the other girls ran around the house, Wy was even more taunted. Whether you yourself were doing it intentionally or not, they were.
Wy had, had enough. She rose from her spot that was on the couch, and walked swiftly over to you.
:iconmewr-mewr:Mewr-Mewr 14 4
MonacoxReader: Poker Face
(A/N: No... Lady Gaga did not give me inpiration... =w=b)
Poker chips, Slot machines and Cards...
Everything you sucked at...
You loved casinos, they were always so big and lively!
But the amount of luck you had was limited, and that luck didn't apply to casinos...
You groaned in anger as you failed yet again at the slots.
"Just give up, ______! You just not made for places like this!" Your friend Monaco laughed.
"Oh, shut it..." You gently banged your head against the machine.
Monaco was always so lucky. She could win anything!
That was... Except one thing: Poker.
You had the better poker face out of the two, but without her luck, you never won.
She always wanted you to teach her how get a good poker face.
In return you wanted her to teach you how to be lucky.
She would always laugh and told you it was a trait, you couldn't just learn it.
Of course, you'd say the same thing to her.
But of course, today was different...
You felt lucky... Well, only when it came
:iconcapricorn659:Capricorn659 26 4
Vietnam x reader Vietnam war
The sound of guns and bombs littered your ears, the shrill screams from women and children could be heard from miles away,
You whimpered, How did it all come to this? How dare America call war on Vietnam, your beautiful kind, girlfriend, sure you were a girl too, but not that others minded.
"I'll never forgive you Alfred" you thought to yourself angrily as you clenched your teeth, you were hiding underground, crying, sobbing, praying that your beloved girlfriend will come home to you safely, but it was hard to think that when you heard guns,bombs,screams, wails,shrieks, crys,running,praying, and so many more.
You whimpered much more when you kept thinking about her, her beautiful voice that was coated with her accent, how it gently spoke to you, her golden eyes sparkling with happiness every time they saw you, her angelic laugh that it could make the most best singer go jealous.
You miss it, you missed it so much.
You let a few tears slide down your face. Not only that
:iconmisscheeseycake:misscheeseycake 43 45
_______ finally stepped off the boat and breathed in the salty air and she – in who knows how long –  finally started to relax. The reason she was here in Seychelles in the first place was because she was swamped with work on a new project that she had to learn in two days and she worked on it for five weeks straight, leaving her workplace at nine pm each day instead of leaving at the normal 5 pm.
Sixty hours for five weeks made her have stress, it slowly crept until she couldn't relax with her normal techniques, it only added more stress and made her feel she was inadequate. Heck, it even made her cry at the weekend when she was finished with chores around the house!
So, when the project was done, she took a vacation immediately to Seychelles. She didn't know many languages and didn't know anyone in another country, except for her childhood friend, Matthew. They grew up together, she met his siblings, all of them.
His father, Francis, was a caring man and always loved
:iconprincess-shy-fox:princess-shy-fox 14 8
Honey and the Bee TAIWAN X READER YURI
_______ was best known for origami that she makes constantly and sells for 50 cents each, with the help of her good friend Mei. Both of them loved origami, cranes, boats, hats, flowers, you name it, they probably have folded it before
Mei has had a huge crush on _______ since forever, she didn't know why. Maybe it was her calm nature that reminded her of her brother Kiku, or her wise insight like Yao? Wait, yeah, it could be her humming when she made her origami. Oh, she had such a pretty voice, it reminded her of bells.
Her eyes were so pretty, a shade of (e/c) to be exact, even though they reminded her of something from nature, the beauty surely was extraordinary.
At first, what made her friends with ________ was because she had a Skitty on her pokemon game and she said to Kiku how she wanted to get Haunter. They traded pokemon and after that, they branched off from that game and played animal crossing, super smash bros, and more of the sort. Then they branched off into other interes
:iconprincess-shy-fox:princess-shy-fox 15 3
Cheer Up (Ukraine x Fem!Reader)
She looked at her friend. Her boobs wear always so round and bouncy. She said they caused her back pains but they also go her the attention of every boy she meet. She was always jealous, though not of the boys. She wanted Ukraine to herself.
But she was rather plain with small breasts.
Today she was supposed to hang out with Ukraine for a girls day out. Well rather just lunch she walked to the Olive Garden. Ukraine said she really liked the bread sticks.
Ukraine was standing outside when she spotted name.
She raised her hand waving it. “(Name!)” She called.
You glanced to see her waving at you, you run up hugging her, your face squished between her giant breasts.
“Hello Ukraine.” She said.
“Hello.” She said in her nervous manner.
After the greeting the two entered the Diner. Taking a seat.
“Hey (Name)?” Ukraine asked.
“Yeah Ukriane?” She asked.
“I think I want to be a lesbian.” Ukraine told her.
She raised a brow.
:iconambervantas69:AmberVantas69 44 9
Belgium x Fem! Reader~ Sweetest Combination
     You downed another Belgian beer, letting the poison slip down your throat with ease. Slamming the glass on the table, you let out a content sigh. That sure hit the spot.
     Your two brothers, Gilbert and Ludwig, sat on either side of you, giving you a funny look.
     "Vhy are you drinking zhat unawesome Belgian beer!?" Shouted Gilbert, "Drink our awesome German beer!"
     "I agree vith Gilbert. I've had Belgian beer before and it made me sick. I don't vant you to get sick," Your over-protective brother Ludwig said.
     "I like it!" You countered, slightly peeved at them dissing such good beer, "It's sweeter," You said as the waiter handed you another, "And has more flavor to it," You finished taking a sip of it.
     They only looked at you in shock and horror. Out of the three of them, you liked German beer the most! And now you were drinking Belgian beer instead of German beer. What wa
:iconrosesfallwhite:Rosesfallwhite 36 5
Here With You - Belarus x Sick!Fem!Reader
You laid in bed, moaning and groaning, sick as can be. God, you felt horrid. Your head hurt, your throat hurt, and you could not stop sneezing. This was a nasty cold, to be sure. You didn't have the strength to do anything but lie in bed. You couldn't even sleep! The only thing you could do was lie awake and groan. However, your groans were abruptly interrupted by the sound of your front door being smashed, making you nearly jump out of your skin. "What the hell?!" you gasped.
The sound of footsteps approaching your room shortly followed, and before you had time to react, your bedroom door swung open, revealing a rather angry looking Natalya. Her eyes widened when she saw you, and she quickly stomped over to your bedside. You had to wonder why shy was here. She never even talked to you at any of the world meetings. She always just stared at you strangely from across the room.
"Why aren't you at the world meeting, дзяўчына?" she huffed.
:iconlemurgavel:LemurGavel 73 17
Pocky Game? [ Liechtenstein x Reader ]
You laid on the couch, a book covering your face. You had, at first, tried to read said book, but you found it too boring to continue...this could possibly be linked to the fact that the book lying across your face was a dictionary.
Well, you'd run out of options. Normally, you would've called up your sweet friend, Lilli, who, despite her appearance, actually understood a lot more than the others gave her credit for. Many of the people at your school saw her as Vash's little sister, and many of them didn't know that she was actually just a year younger than him. She just seemed to look very young.
A soft knock came at your door, and you groaned out slowly, "Coming..."
Then, you slid off the couch, letting your body flop onto the floor lifelessly before peeling yourself from the hardwood.
Shuffling toward the door, you yawned, stretching. Then, you focused your eyes on your fuzzy blue bunny slippers the entire way there. When you answered the door, you were surprised to find a blushing,
:iconhairbun503:Hairbun503 217 113



Don't Say Goodbye
Yeah... I'm back into FNaF.. Please don't judge me!!!

well that's besides the point, this is basically a PMD and FNAF crossover, which is why it looks like Marionette is disappearing like you would in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and I ran up to him as he began to fade

Hope you like it!! 
Human Flying Mint Bunny
I was bored and decided to do a picture on Flying Mint Bunny but as a human, this is my own design but I don't own Flying Mint Bunny, all rights go to Hetalia

Hope you like it!
Samara Morgan
Bored... But hey at least I can relate to her almost perfectly, I wont say why because its a long story...

Hope you like it!
Kalos Kiss
This is a picture I came up with at 2:00 in the morning, just now I decided to draw it digitally

Hope you like it!
My Nightmare VENT
This is a vent of me dealing with Freddy Krueger in my nightmares every night (that's the truth)

Hope you like and understand!
Ok hi everyone,  have a new Otakon update for all of you! So as you know, i am going to Otakon on the 13th only right? Well now I'm gonna be there on the 12th and 13th, 2 days of Ota, woohoo!!!

So my cosplay' haven't changed but the way I'll be doing them has

on Friday I'll do Elgyem and on Saturday I'll do Hoopa

so each cosplay is going to be an all day thing

so I hope to see you there 

but until then see ya!


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