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Draculaura by Glaceonmaster89 Draculaura :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 0 0 Designation: Regigigas by Glaceonmaster89 Designation: Regigigas :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 0 Designation: Mapleshade by Glaceonmaster89 Designation: Mapleshade :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 0 0 Melting Ice and Emotions VENT by Glaceonmaster89 Melting Ice and Emotions VENT :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 2 0 Designation: Hoopgeist by Glaceonmaster89 Designation: Hoopgeist :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 1 Senbonzakura by Glaceonmaster89 Senbonzakura :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 0 0 Don't Say Goodbye by Glaceonmaster89 Don't Say Goodbye :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 36 Human Flying Mint Bunny by Glaceonmaster89 Human Flying Mint Bunny :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 2 0 Samara Morgan by Glaceonmaster89 Samara Morgan :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 0 0 Kalos Kiss by Glaceonmaster89 Kalos Kiss :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 0 My Nightmare VENT by Glaceonmaster89 My Nightmare VENT :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 0 0 Ninetales by Glaceonmaster89 Ninetales :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 2 Chibi Vulpix by Glaceonmaster89 Chibi Vulpix :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 0 If You Kill Me I'll Still Love You by Glaceonmaster89 If You Kill Me I'll Still Love You :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 0 4 Litwick by Glaceonmaster89 Litwick :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 4 0 Hoopa by Glaceonmaster89 Hoopa :iconglaceonmaster89:Glaceonmaster89 1 0


Creations of Wonder|Regigigas x Reader
As a child, you were always curious as to how the world works.
Not necessarily the human world per say, but rather the Pokemon world.
At the local library, you often read books on exceptionally powerful and godlike Pokemon known as the "Legendaries". True to their name, they performed legendary feats that allowed seemingly simple elements such as time, space, matter, rock, steel, ice, land, and sea to come into existence and shape the world into what it is today.
However, there was one particular Legendary that always caught your eye: Regigigas, the Colossal Pokemon who is said to have towed continents with ropes and shaped three Pokemon that looked like itself with clay, ice, and magma. The books have also said that if a trainer were to come to its temple with those same creations in their team, Regigigas would awaken to challenge them.
Of course, all you had was a Ponyta so you were nowhere near capable of getting three Lengendaries. But nevertheless you sought that, one
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 38 12
Sunset (Crosshairs X Secret Agent! Reader)
A/N: I hope Crosshairs is not too OOC here. I don't own the image.
Enjoy the chapter!
"Agent [Last name]. How is the situation?"
You were on top of a building, you looking to a building a little further away from where you were with a binoculars, you were watching a man who appeared to be in his 30 years, he had brown hair and eyes of the same color, he was tall, more or less about 6'2'', he was calibrating some weapons, some were assault rifles. Without taking your binoculars, you touched your Bluetooth Headset button.
 "He did nothing suspicious until now..." You responded to the male voice of your leader and you clicked the button twice. "How are things down there, R.A.I.?"
 "I took turns in blocks more than four times, and has nothing suspicious going on, Miss [Name]." Another male voice, but this was robotic and the male voice had Swedish accent, spoke.
 "Fine, don't take your eyes awa
:icontsukikotsukiyomi:TsukikoTsukiyomi 23 18
Gumi x Fem!Reader - The Weird Girl

The Weird Girl

Detention. That was where you--the "weird girl" of your school--and Gumi--the cute one you always had a crush on--were. Except Gumi didn't know it yet. She hadn't even gotten to the classroom yet. So there you were, sitting at your desk doing absolutely nothing but watching the red second hand on the clock in front of you. You rarely got detention, but you'd always hated it. Who didn't, really? It seemed to be there just to torture students if they did something even slightly against school rules--for instance, why you were here today. Food fights were against school rules, and let me assure you, you did not start one. Your friend Rin decided to but a bit of her mashed potatoes on your nose, so you innocently placed a small amount on hers. The two of you didn't mean any harm; you had always done little playful things like this with each other. But Miku decided to be a little shit that day, landing you in detention. You growled to yourself. You were supp
:iconawesomeally123:awesomeally123 8 4
Documents (Sari Sumdac x Male!Reader) -REQUEST-
You held your breath as you approached your destination- the famed Autobot's secret base. Somehow, your “Master” had come across it's location and ordered you to secure some documents that he had thought were stashed there.
A mental image of the man you had been forced to serve came to your mind, making you sneer. You had been sold into his care at the young age of four. You had no memory of who had sold you to him, or your parents. You'd been trained in the arts of stealth and weaponry since the first day you'd arrived at his manor. The only reason you obeyed him now was to keep his trust. This ensured that you would get sent out on long, faraway missions so you wouldn't have to stay in his company as often. You would've run away if you thought you could away with it, but he would send assassins after you like he had his previous 'Ninja-Master'.
Focusing on your task, you shoved all thoughts of “Master” out of your mind and steadied your heartbeat. Reaching up,
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 83 19
Sunsets (Miko x Male!Reader) -REQUEST-
The base was vibrating. Why was the base vibrating?
You pulled one earbud out of your ear, only to wince and put it back in rather hurriedly.
That was why the base was vibrating.
You held nothing against the girl, but her choices in music were rather iffy, in your opinion. And you also couldn't understand why she had to hold 'band practice' in the base. It hurt your ears, for Primus' sake!
You were currently in Smokescreen's berthroom, trying to tidy up a bit. You didn't consider yourself the neatest person, but you had to draw the line when oil cans were littering almost every available surface in the room. Apparently your guardian had never learned to pick up after himself. The only reason you felt like doing this was because you were bored, and absolutely dreading doing your calculus homework that your math teacher had assigned. Honestly, who needed to know that stuff?
The floor and walls continued to vibrate to the beat of Miko's electric guitar, and you gritted your teeth, t
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 49 7
Gijinka!Cresselia x Reader: Sweet Dreams
"Ah!” You stood up from your bed sweating. You had a nightmare, again. This has been happening every day for you now and each nightmare is worse than the next. You sighed and you drink your coffee to help you keep awake but what you didn’t know is there is someone watching you from the window.
“See you soon…” Her eyes glow, making (y/n) soon fall asleep on the table.
(y/n) walks around to see a large dark monster chasing him/her, as he/she runs, vines come out of the ground, grabbing his/her ankle making (y/n) trip and fall to the ground. The monster was about to pounce on (y/n) until a bright light came, making the monster vanish and (y/n) looks to see a girl with long blond hair and a long blue dress .
“Who are you..?” (y/n) asked, making the girl smile.
“I am Cresselia.” (y/n) eyes widen in shock.
“Cresselia?! As in, the Pokémon, Cresselia?” She nods as she walks over to him/her.
“Yes, legendary Pokémo
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 98 15
To overcome (Italy X Reader X 2p!Italy)
A/U: My first 1pXReaderX2p is made~ I should write love triangle more often! Anyway I'm still in progress in writing their story present so it may take a while! Also this story is weird...
Warning: Swears and a little violence
It's such nice day for a woman with (H/L) (H/S) (H/C) hair and (E/C) eyes. Her name is (F/N) (L/N), personification of (C/N). That woman is you of course! You had a wonderful day with your boyfriend, Feliciano Vargas also known as north Italy.
Today, you went on a date and it went well. But it isn't anywhere but their date was on his house that he shares with his older brother, Lovino Vargas; personification of the southern part of Italy. Though you don't know Lovino that well because you only met him once but wasn't able to talk to him. You wonder what kind of person he is but you heard from Feliciano that he's the Tsundere type who swears a lot.
He did a lot of things for their date which is rare. He made a different Italian dish besides pasta. He cl
:iconzhequietsayu:ZheQuietSayu 132 18
Mature content
Dark!Denmark x Reader-Flower Bed :iconannbu:Annbu 126 101
Mature content
Hetalia x Reader:[Absolute](BTT ver.) :iconshanileyba:ShaniLeyba 101 31
Mature content
Hetalia x Reader: [Absolute](Nordics ver) :iconshanileyba:ShaniLeyba 117 24
Nordic 5 X Reader:....girl stuff (ONE-SHOT YOLO)
Warning: For female readers! You get why it is....And I didn't write a story plan for this. It was based on a random dream I had during a nap!!

You woke up one morning in pain. You moaned quietly, gripping your stomach and wishing that the pain just went away, but it didn't. You just stared at the wall and the dresser, and that photo of the ones you have grown to love smiling back at you.
It gave you some courage to know that you have some truly loving, yet quirky friends who were there for you, and to understand you. But what you dreaded was this moment. 
You really wished you could have the strength to crawl out of bed and go downstairs to have breakfast and act like nothing happened, but a sleep in.
It was late too, they would have finished having breakfast by now.
Slowly, you picked your very lethargic body up, using the dresser as a crutch to lean on. You manag
:icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 293 137
France X Reader: For Your Entertainment
Warning: There is sexual content ahead.
Francis Bonnefoy was a man who devoutly believed in the power of true love. As the personification of France, how could he not? He believed in freedom, beauty, truth, and love, especially love. In his many centuries on this earth, he had fallen in love three times, despite the heartache he knew was sure to follow.
The first to enter his life had been Jeanne. Jeanne had been an angel, and had stolen is heart before he had even grasped what was happening. She loved her country, but her true love was the Lord. It pained him, being so close to her, and yet so far from her. When England lit her aflame, he felt as if his very soul were being ripped to pieces. There was no way to describe his agony, the level of his pain, and the hatred he felt for the Englishman.
It was the one of the only times in his life that he had openly wept and meant each tear.
The next to claim his heart had been from Austria, one of the ladies-in-waiting for the intrigu
:icon12bfeygirl42:12bfeygirl42 365 87
BTLG - That's My Italian Flirt - Seborga x Reader
You woke up with the sensation of falling.
The weirdest thing was that there actually was a high pitched gale force wind blowing against your face.
Very confused and a bit scared you struggled to open your eyes but the wind kept it shut. Finally managing to open them, you found out that you were not only falling but falling into a black ocean much like the pit when you fell into the mirror.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” you screamed as you hit the water HARD!!
The wind was knocked right out of you even though you landed on your feet.
You didn’t know which way was up or down just the chilling blackness that blanketed you. The darkness in a way was devouring you… your memories. The memories seemed to be leaking out from your brain into the water. They looked like shiny bubbles that reflected your previous memories of your life past. You struggled to catch these bubbles but they all seemed to be just out of your reach. You became frustrated and
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 218 55
Mature content
Poland X Reader Love Again - Lemon :iconlost-angel-of-poland:Lost-Angel-Of-Poland 178 615
Nordics x Reader - Fun in the Snow

Pulling on my coat, I step out my house, locking it up. Turning my face to the sky, I close my eyes and sigh in happiness. I just love winter,the snow, the breaks and snowdays, all the seasonal foods that only come out durning this time, and more importantly, the activities you could play in the snow.
Snowball fights, snow angels, snow forts, building a snowman, sledding and snowboarding, you name it. 
Last night the country of Norway (A/N: Yes you live in Norway now muhaha XD ) got a huge blizzard, and I mean huge. The little town I'm living in got 24 inches of great packing snow. Not that fluff that falls between your fingers when you grasp it. So, that is why I'm heading down to my fellow friends the Nordics, I have challenged them to a snowball fight.
:iconkittyphantomhive14:KittyPhantomhive14 183 65
Fatigued (Nordics x Reader)
‘Crap! I’m late!’ You said as you quickly gathered your things in your bag and grabbed your laptop. You frantically grabbed whatever you thought you needed as you threw your other unnecessary things around, causing quite a lot of noise. You flinched as the headache you were currently experiencing began to throb painfully, but carried on with packing your things. Just a bit more and I’m free… I can sleep properly later. When you were done, you heard someone knocking on your door, and you opened it to find Lukas quite surprised.
Your hair was a bit dishevelled, one of the two straps of your canvas bag slipping off your shoulder, and your laptop almost falling out of your already occupied arms. Still, you flashed a grin at him. ‘Mornin’ Lukas!’ You chirped as he sighed.
‘You’re late?’ He asked nonchalantly as you awkwardly laughed.
‘Haha… yeah, I sort of woke up past the alarm…’
:iconayutach:ayutach 243 24



Hey guys... sorry for not uploading in a while, I've been pretty busy... 😓 Well all of that aside this is a fan art piece that I drew in the dark of my Monster High Waifu, Draculaura! Hope you like it!
Designation: Regigigas
This is just a picture I drew of my favorite Legendary Titan Regigigas! It's him as a Chibi which is why he's so small, plus, am I the only one who thinks that the Legendary Titans look similar to Transformers?

Hope you like it!

I don't own Regigigas or Transformers
Designation: Mapleshade
This is my depiction of what Mapleshade from the Warrior Cats series would look like as a Transformer, yes her design is somewhat similar to Steeljaw's design but that's only because they're both based off of animals as machines so they will have some similarities.

I don't own anything mentioned besides the design of Mecha Mapleshade

Hope you like it!
Melting Ice and Emotions VENT
Ok so lately I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety... I've become so emotional and I can't stop it... this VENT picture depicts me in my Glaceon form with dull and emotionless eyes...

I don't own Glaceon

Song that inspired this art: My Immortal by Evanescence

Hope you like it...
Designation: Hoopgeist
Ok so recently I've been getting into Transformers and other Sci-Fi things like that, so this is a Mecha version of Hoopa, supposedly being one of Soundwave's cassettes, it is a mini con with piercing yellow eyes er I mean optics...

Anyways I hope you like this and also have a blessed Easter!

Song that inspired the drawing: Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons

I don't be own Hoopa, Soundwave, Transformers, Pokémon, or Imagine Dragons
Ok hi everyone,  have a new Otakon update for all of you! So as you know, i am going to Otakon on the 13th only right? Well now I'm gonna be there on the 12th and 13th, 2 days of Ota, woohoo!!!

So my cosplay' haven't changed but the way I'll be doing them has

on Friday I'll do Elgyem and on Saturday I'll do Hoopa

so each cosplay is going to be an all day thing

so I hope to see you there 

but until then see ya!


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Hi guys I am Regigigas Prime, I used to be Glaceonmaster89 but now I'm different! you might have heard of me on YouTube but now I also have a DA account! now please be warned that I'm not that good at digital art but I try so no rude comments.


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